Welcome to Logical Fit. Nevada's original certified Retül bicycle fitter.

Power, efficiency, and comfort. Isn't this what we all want when racing, hitting the off-road trail or just cruising down to the local coffee shop? Logical Fit is dedicated to improving performance, comfort, and injury prevention by perfecting bicycle fit for all types of cyclists -- professional racers, elite amateurs, recreational racers, triathletes, mountain bikers, fitness cyclists, and weekend riders.  By utilizing state of the art Retül three-dimensional motion capture and Cycle Ops power analysis technology, we can provide you with the ultimate fit.

Why Logical Fit?  Why Retül?

Most bike fit specialists fit riders in a static position.  They use traditional tools of the trade such as tape measures and plumb bobs which are outdated and less accurate because they are subject to human error.  These tools also require the cyclist to be still when measurements are taken.  We all know that your feet and legs are anything but still when you are riding, therefore to gather realistic data, you must be pedaling.  Retül captures your position relative to your pedaling motion, creating a realistic replication of your true pedal stroke and provides sub-millimeter accurate dynamic data.

Behind the Retül bike fitting system is Retül Certified bicycle fitter, John Costanza.  John's interests in cycling, bike fitting, and biomechanics provided the background to start his own Retül bike fitting studio, Logical Fit in 2009.  Since racing road bicycles in 1985 his passion grew to not only racing but helping other individuals develop in the sport and improve their position on the bicycle.

What does it mean to be Retül Certified?

While John is a Retül Certified bicycle fitter, many fitters are not. John attended Retül University, a comprehensive bike fit school and Retül technology training program.  Each year, his fit process and results are audited by Retul's own panel of experts in order to maintain his certification.  Being certified allows John access to the latest industry and technology information which keeps his bike fit practice ahead of the competition.

In summary, Retül allows us to capture 100% objective data in a dynamic state and evaluate multiple viewpoints (3-D) simultaneously while the rider is pedaling. Logical Fit's Retül bike fit expert will provide a 3-D report for immediate viewing and discussion.  Our biomechanical assessment involves a detailed, comprehensive analysis, and evaluation of how you fit on your bike.  We are dedicated to improving comfort, performance, and injury prevention by perfecting bicycle fit for all types of cyclists.

Where to Obtain the Logical Fit?

Logical Fit is located within Velo Reno bicycle shop at 3450 Lakeside Drive, Reno, NV, 89509.  We fit by appointment only to ensure our clients undivided attention and the best service possible. Visit our Fit and Pricing page for more information or contact us at (775) 391-6160 to experience the Logical Fit for yourself.

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